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It takes hard work and a total commitment to yourself and your game. But if you remain dedicated, we can make you one promise – we will make you mentally and physically ready for the basketball opportunity of your lifetime; whenever it presents itself. For some of you, that means making the high school team. For others it is getting that Division One scholarship to college. And for a select few, it means going professional, where someone is writing you a check for what you can do on the court.

I’ve traveled this road a long while. That is why I know exactly what it takes, and definitely what it doesn’t. But the reason I keep doing this is because I absolutely love helping a player realize his maximum potential. So, if you’re interested in letting your game do the talking for you; let us get you headed in the right direction. Now, I will warn you…….. our game has two components. It is a power game as much as a fundamentals game. But if you possess the desire to be everything you can be on the court and off; come on down and we’ll show you the light…… so eventually the spotlight will be shining on you.

About Mike Allen

Born of the heart of a professional athlete who had a dream beyond professional basketball, Mike Allen had a vision to make a difference using sports as a tool, not only in the professional sports world, but also in schools, churches community centers, and boys’ and girls’ clubs all across the country.

Using sports, motivational speaking, and music as a tool to motivate and challenge people from all walks of life, Mike Allen shows others how to set goals and achieve them by working hard. Mike has developed a sizable following not only because he leads by example, but also because he leads with integrity, honesty,passion and respect for everyone.

Mike Allen has the privilege of speaking to thousands of youth at basketball clinics/camps, school assemblies, PAL leagues and other events all across the world for over 20 years.

Mike Allen believes that the sports dynamic can accomplish great things in the correct environment. Through teaching and developing sports-related skills, everyone in attendance benefits, learning the importance of sportsmanship, education, drug-and-alcohol avoidance, and career planning.

Mike is the Head Women’s Basketball Coach at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA and has been featured in Sports Illustrated (Mar 5 2014), SportsStars (2012), San Jose Mercury (2004, 2008, 2012, & 2013) as well as many other media outlets for his work with players and communities all across the country. He is a former professional athlete, Coach of the Year, NBCAA 3x All-American, NBCAA National Championship MVP, and 2 x Leading Scorer in the Nation for Bible Colleges (27.4PPG, 7.9RPG). He also was a key player in winning 3 National Championships while in College (1993, 1994, 1995). He has coached professional basketball overseas as well as here in the state in NWBL. He has transformed several programs throughout the Bay Area coaching high school basketball at Castilleja HS (Palo Alto, CA), The King’s Academy (Sunnyvale, CA) and currently (Gunderson HS) where he has led program from BVAL “C” League 2011, BVAL “B” League 2012 & 2013, BVAL “A” League 2014 and then leading the team to their first  BVAL “A” League Championship in 26 years 2016. With all of this going on he currently had lead a successful basketball program year round reaching out to the youth with his year-round basketball leagues that has grown to well over 1200+ participants each year. He brings a wealth of experience, passion, and love not only for the game but for every player he mentors and motivates to get them on to the next level of their game and IQ on and off the court.

Below are a list of articles of Mike’s work in the community and coaching:

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Below are a list of links related to Mike’s work in the community and coaching: Be inspired, Be challenged, Be Motivated knowing that you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your heart of to do for the benefit of changing a life.

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